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Foundation for Psychology in Ohio
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The Foundation’s Purpose

The Foundation for Psychology in Ohio is a non-profit, charitable 501(c)(3) arm of the Ohio Psychological Association. 

The Foundation for Psychology in Ohio (PSYOHIO) strives to promote healthy communities in Ohio. PSYOHIO seeks to create, support and encourage activities of a psychological nature that promote community health. It seeks to support individuals and organizations which promote community health through psychological means.



Register Your Kroger Plus Card

Once you register your Kroger Plus Card, a portion of your bill will provide money to support the Foundation for Psychology in Ohio so we can continue doing great work in promoting community health through psychological means. If you previously registered your Kroger card to support the Foundation for Psychology in Ohio, you need to re-register as of April 1.Register your Kroger Plus Card now. Our code number is 84670.


Areas of emphasis include:
  • Disseminating information regarding psychology and behavioral health to the general public and to mental health professionals;
  • Granting scholarships in psychology to worthy students and to support the Foundation’s commitment to diversity;
  • Developing and presenting educational or scientific exhibits in psychology for the benefit of the general public;
  • Developing or sponsoring, or both, of panels, workshops, seminars, and other educational activities in psychology for the benefit of psychologists, other mental health professionals, and the general public;
  • Granting awards, stipends or other forms of recognition to teachers or researchers in psychology at secondary schools or institutions of higher education on the bases of innovative or meritorious achievement;
  • Preparing and distributing educational pamphlets and brochures that advance the public’s understanding of behavioral and mental health.
  • Granting prizes, awards, stipends and other forms of recognition for research in issues relating to multiculturalism.
  • Giving annually cash prizes to high school students for outstanding Behavioral Health projects at the State Science Fair.


How to Give and Why to Give:

  • Gifts, grants, contributions and bequests to the Foundation are tax deductible according to the rules and regulations of the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Gifts to the Foundation are a good way to earn tax deductions on current income. The Foundation accepts gifts of stock, property and cash.
  • A bequest in a will or naming the Foundation as a beneficiary of life insurance policy can be an important part of an estate plan. Contact your lawyer or accountant to develop your estate plan. Contact OPA if you need assistance.


The Foundation has different ways to recognize people:
  • Memorial Gifts remember deceased colleagues or friends of psychology. Contact PSYOHIO for Memorial Gifts donation envelopes.
  • Honorarial Gifts recognize living mentors, colleagues, friends and family members who have inspired and supported. An Honorarial Gift is an ethical option for clients who want to give their therapist a gift to say ‘thank you.’ You may request a supply of Honorarial Gift envelopes from PSYOHIO.
  • The Leave a Legacy Program recognizes people who have made estate plans that include gifts to PSYOHIO and acknowledges bequests received. Read a testimonial from one of our members about planned giving.


Foundation Funds:


  • Cathy McDaniels Wilson, Ph.D., President
  • Jim Broyles, Ph.D.
  • James J. Brush, Ph.D.
  • Michael D. Dwyer, Ph.D.
  • Michele Evans, Ph.D.
  • Catherine Gaw, Psy.D.
  • Helen Rodebaugh, Ph.D.

For more information on The Foundation For Psychology in Ohio or to discuss establishing a fund to support a specific project, contact the OPA Office at 614.224.0034