The Ohio Psychological Association (OPA) is one of the largest and most innovative state psychological associations. Founded in 1949, OPA was the first state psychological association to have a paid employee to direct our advocacy, marketing and educational work. We’ve been named the best state psychological association twice by the American Psychological Association and honored for our commitment to leadership development.

We serve our member psychologists by advocating for their interests and for the people they help by providing access to high quality science-based educational programs, by breaking down the boundaries that limit access to treatment and by fighting for stronger regulation against insurance companies who benefit from bureaucracies that siphon off money from the healthcare system and delay payment for services.

We serve the public with a variety of educational programs on health, wellness and the mind-body connection along with online resources including a psychologist referral program. Our community outreach programs include opportunities for students and for Ohio businesses who wish to incorporate psychologically healthy practices in their work environments.