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OPA Diversity Committee
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Thank you for visiting the OPA Diversity Committee. This page provides an overview of the purpose and goals of the Committee. In addition to current and previous activities, please use our expanded list of diversity resources, including continuing education opportunities, article, reports and organizations focused on diversity and multiculturalism.
Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Ohio Psychological Association Diversity Committee shall be to integrate cultural sensitivity and a commitment to racial and ethnic diversity throughout the organizational structure of OPA and the broader community of psychology in Ohio.

As a means of promoting OPA’s commitment to diversity, the committee shall work with OPA to:

  • Create greater diversity within the membership and leadership
  • Develop, enhance and sustain relationships with other professional organizations throughout the state that share OPA’s value regarding diversity
  • Develop initiatives that support the inclusion of other forms of diversity, including but not limited to sexual orientation, spirituality, disabilities, age, and/or gender.
  • Reach outside the association with programs for people in communities around Ohio.

The Diversity Committee is charged with the responsibility of moving the Association and its leaders to a point where consideration of diversity issues is intuitive. Ultimately, each OPA committee should consider diversity, cultural competency and related issues in every deliberation, and every decision should reflect due consideration of the impact of that decision on a diverse psychology community. The committee is charged with the task of keeping this in the forefront of thought throughout the association. Key areas in which this must occur are Education, Advocacy, Membership, Public Sector Issues, Early Career Psychologists, Ethics, Planning/Development and Communication/Technology.

Links and Resources

Ethnic Minority Psychological Associations 

Continuing Education Opportunities

Articles Related to Diversity

Additional Resources

Diversity Committee Happenings

  • Dr. Michael Sullivan Diversity Scholarship Award Information
  • The Committee brought Dr. Melba Vasquez to Columbus for two workshops on April 18-19, 2009
  • OPA and several statewide organizations sponsored two workshops, “African for Life” and “Pluralistic Leadership” with Dr. Thomas Gordon on April 4-5, 2008

What is Cultural Assessment?

Read OPA’s 2004 Cultural Assessment. Sue (1995) suggests that agencies strive to become what he called multicultural organizations. He indicates that multicultural organizations value diversity rather than just tolerating it. Additionally, Sue notes that multicultural organizations work to develop a multicultural vision for the agency. The first step that Sue recommends for an agency committed to transforming itself into a multicultural organization is to conduct an internal audit of its current multicultural status. Another vital step that Sue indicates must occur is that the leadership of the organization needs to have a firm commitment to multicultural development. OPA has taken these admonitions to heart. The executive committee has charged the Diversity Committee with conducting a cultural assessment of OPA to identify areas of strength and areas of concern that need to be improved. After extensive research and consultation with a number of professionals in the field, the Diversity Committee developed a Diversity Assessment Questionnaire that will be made available to OPA members in the near future. Even more important than gathering information about OPA’s cultural development, however, is the fact that OPA’s leadership is firmly committed to acting on the results of the assessment to ensure that the needs of all members are met. The Diversity Committee is honored to be a part of this process.

Sue, D. W. (1995). Multicultural organizational development. In J. G. Ponterotto, J. M. Casas, L. A. Suziki, & C. M. Alexander (Eds.), Handbook of Multicultural Counseling (pp. 474-492). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage

Meet the Chair of the Diversity Committee, Maria Espinola, PsyD 

Maria Espinola, PsyD is Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. Her work focuses on the intersection of multicultural issues, gender, and trauma. She completed her doctorate in clinical psychology at Nova Southeastern University, her pre-doctoral fellowship in multicultural psychology at Boston University School of Medicine, and her post-doctoral fellowship in women’s psychology and trauma psychology at McLean Hospital and Harvard Medical School. 

Dr. Espinola is the chair the Diversity Committee at the Ohio Psychological Association and serves on the Ohio Commission on Minority Health Medical Expert Panel, the Latino Faculty Association Executive Board, and the University of Cincinnati President’s Diversity Council.


New committee members are always welcome. If you are interested in learning more about this committees, please contact the OPA office at 614.224.0034.