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Bill Box: State Legislation & Alerts
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Below are selected bills that OPA is following. For more information on these bills, contact OPA at (614) 224-0034. Full bills can be accessed via the General Assembly website.

Bill and Sponsor  Bill Topic Issues and Psychology OPA Position Status of Bill


Maharath - D

Culturally competent health care providers Culturally competent health care providers   OPA Supports Senate Health, Human Services & Medicaid Committee


Antonio - D

 Ohio Fairness Act  Adds sexual orientation or gender identity to categories of discrimination  OPA Supports Senate Judiciary Committee


Lanese - R
Listion - D

 Exempt Certain Health Provider Personal Info
 from Public Records
 Impacts forensic & other mental health providers  OPA Supports  Passed the House


Manning - R

 Authorize Crisis Assessments of Suicidal
 Minors without Consent
   OPA Supports  Committee TBD


Oelslager - R

 FY 2020-21 Budget  Mental Health and Medicaid Funding: Telemedicine  OPA Monitoring - suggested Telemedicine  amendment to include psychologists  House Finance


Brown - D
Stoltzfus - R

Establish Office of Drug Policy   OPA Monitoring  


Maharath - D

Conversion Therapy  Prohibit conversion therapy when treating minor patient OPA Monitoring  


Eklund - R
Williams - D

 Death Penalty  Prohibit death penalty if patient seriously mentally ill OPA Supports Judiciary Committee


Hillyer - R

 Death Penalty Prohibit death penalty if patient seriously mentally ill OPA Supports Passed the House

HB 323

Manning - R
Seitz - R

 Prescribing Privileges Permit prescribing psychologists to use their skills in Ohio to treat those who need psychotherapy and medication.   OPA Supports  House Health Committee


Weinstein - D
Russo - D

Insurance coverage for heaing aids and related services for people under 22 Health care coverage by insurance Monitoring House Health Committee


Ecklund - R
O'Brien - D
Obhof - R

Express intent of the Legislature to reform drug sentencing laws Drug sentencing Monitoring Senate Judiciary Committee


Holmes - D
Manning - R

School security and youth suicide awareness training Suicide awareness training Monitoring  Passed the House


Brenner - R
Lehner - R

Establish dyslexia screening programs in  schools    Monitoring


Lehner - R
Brenner - R

Professional development for screening dyslexia    Monitoring  


Hillyer - R
Skindell - D

Ohio Fairness Act Adds sexual orientation or gender identity to categories of discrimination OPA Supports Monitoring


Plummer - R
Russo - D

Mental Health ParityBring Ohio Law in line with Federal LawOPA Supports Monitoring


Roegner - R
McColley - R

Occupational LicensingLicensing of Out of State LicenseesMonitoringMonitoring


Gavarone - D

Psychological Interstate CompactEnabling Ohio Psychologists to Practice in other compact statesOPA SupportsMonitoring


Lehner - R
Hackett - R

Licensing military and spousesLicensing active duty military spousesMonitoringMonitoring


Koehler - R

Occupational Licensing RestrictionsRestrictions for former criminalsMonitoringMonitoring