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Become an OPA-MCE Approved Provider
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The benefits of becoming an OPA-MCE Provider are numerous.


Increase your chances of attracting licensed psychologists to attend your course offerings.

Psychologists must earn 23 hours of continuing education every two years. It is appealing to avoid the red tape by earning these hours through pre-approved providers.

Take advantage of a number of exclusive marketing opportunities, including:

Offer multiple courses over a two year period for one low price.

The OPA-MCE Program offers two flexible options for approval: full providers and one-course providers. Full providers may offer up to 20 courses at the base rate (or 160 Grand Rounds), or you may apply for approval of just one course.


Simplified reporting templates and forms.

The OPA-MCE Office provides all the necessary reporting forms and sign-in sheets for your event.


Personal Attention.

The Director of Mandatory Continuing Education is here to assist OPA-MCE Approved Providers Monday through Friday and the Providers Only section of the website offers all the tools and resources you will need throughout the biennium.

Click here to become an OPA-MCE Approved Provider today!

FAQs about Becoming a Provider

Who should become a provider?
Both organizations and individuals may apply to be providers. All applicants must agree to follow OPA-MCE regulations. Those organizations and businesses that are committed to providing quality education opportunities for Ohio psychologists are able and willing to implement the MCE agreement and follow Ohio law and regulations may apply to become an OPA-MCE Approved Provider.

What is a full provider?

A full provider can offer 20 courses within the biennium. Those who choose to give more than 20 courses can do so for an additional, nominal fee. Once a provider is approved, they do not have to obtain pre-approval for courses, but must report them to OPA-MCE on a timely basis on the forms provided.

What is a One-Course Provider?
A One-Course Provider is an organization that opts to NOT become an approved OPA-MCE Full Provider for the entire biennium, but rather submits a “One-Course Provider” application(s) for a specific course(s) they are offering. Approval of a One-Course Provider application allows the organization to only provide CE for that specific course on one specific date. Organizations may submit multiple One-Course Provider applications during the course of a biennium.

What is the fee for becoming a provider?

One Course Providers: $100.00 per course/per year (maximum of 1 per year)
Full Provider (Non-Profit): $700 for the biennium
Full Provider (For-Profit): $900 for the biennium

The OPA-MCE Program offers a 5% discount for applicants who pay in full, making the total for the two-year contract period $665 for non-profit organizations and $855 for for-profit organizations.

For those organizations that wish to pay in installments, they may make two equal payments of $350 (non-profit organization) or $450 (for-profit organization) during the contract period. The first installment is due with the application and the second installment is due by September 1 of the second year of the biennium.