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OPA-MCE Office Facts
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About the OPA-MCE Office

According to Ohio law, which was revised in 2002, a psychologist must earn 23 credit hours, 4 of which need to be in ethics and/or cultural competency, of continuing education each biennium. Per Ohio law and regulations, psychologists are REQUIRED to record these hours with one of two organizations named in the Ohio Revised Code: the Ohio Psychological Association (OPA) or the Ohio School Psychologists’ Association (OSPA).

To fulfill the requirements of recording hours for over 3,000 psychologists, the OPA established the Mandatory Continuing Education (OPA-MCE) Program. There are two components to this program: the OPA-MCE Office and the OPA-MCE Committee. The OPA-MCE Office is responsible for the day-to-day administrative functioning of the program. The OPA-MCE Committee is guided by the Ohio Revised Code and Ohio Administrative Code (State Board of Psychology rules), and has the ongoing responsibility of reviewing over 20,000 courses each biennium to ensure accountability and compliance with the standards set forth for psychology continuing education.

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