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OPA advocates for public policies that promote psychological  services, the field of psychology and a psychologically healthy Ohio. Advocacy is consistently rated as the most important service OPA offers. OPA provides a united front for your voice at the Statehouse and on Capital Hill: fighting for better fees, faster payment, protection of the profession, training for psychologists; and better access, prevention, assessment and treatment for clients.

Staff and board members work hard to make sure the voices of our teachers, practitioners, students and clients are heard. The OPA-Political Action Committee (PAC) provides financial assistance to legislators who support the interests of our profession in the state legislature and Project FAIR fights against unfair insurance practices on behalf of our members. You may also be interested in reading OPA's Policy on Political Advocacy.

OPA Advocacy Links:

Advocacy Committee of OPA: The goal of the Advocacy Committee is to promote and support public policy that protects and advances the profession of psychology, insures public access to psychological services and addresses compelling public policy issues that may have an impact on psychology and its consumers.

OPA’s Political Action Committee (OPA PAC): The OPA PAC follows the concerns of OPA members, specifically targeting issues that impact Ohio’s psychological community. The PAC seeks to influence Ohio’s political actions by contributing to candidates, office holders or other political committees.

Insurance Issues-Project FAIR:
Project FAIR (Focused Advocacy for Insurance Reform) was created by the OPA, and initially funded in large part by the APA to address the mounting concerns psychologists had with managed care and insurance company problems.

Advocacy Success Stories:
OPA’s staff, board, members and the OPA-PAC members contributed to the following actions that help make Ohio a psychologically healthier place to live and work.

OPA Bill Box: What’s up at the State Legislature Learn more about the bills that OPA is following.

Health Disparities in Ohio: Mental illness does not discriminate-it affects people of all races and socioeconomic backgrounds. While mental illness is widespread, there is a huge disparity in the treatment and quality of care underrepresented populations receive versus Caucasians.

OPA Legislative Day at the Ohio Statehouse:
Held at the Ohio Statehouse in downtown Columbus, Legislative Day attendees hear from guest speakers discussing public policy and psychology, attend legislative committee meetings in the historic Ohio Statehouse, and meet state senators and state representatives over lunch and in their offices. OPA also hosts a Mind/Body Health Fair with psychologists from around the state.

OPA’s State Legislative Priorities

OPA Testimony at the Legislature: OPA members play a key role in communicating positions on issues of importance to the profession. Staff and lobbyists are paid to tell the story, but it makes a difference to legislators when they hear from people who are directly impacted by an issue. Testimony that highlights personal experiences and stories about clients bring home the message more forcefully than summaries of research and data.

Tips for Effective Communication with Legislators: Guidelines on how you can become a successful advocate for psychology with your legislators.

Sequence of Training Bill Information:
Ohio is one of a handful of states that has passed legislation eliminating the requirement for post-doctoral supervised experience to be licensed as a psychologist.HB503 did not change the requirement for the number of hours of supervised experience needed for licensure, but it allows for the completion of those hours prior to receiving the doctoral degree.

Additional Helpful Links:

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