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Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award Program
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To begin the application process for a Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award,click here.

Click here to see a list of past state and national winners.




What are the PHW Awards? 

The Ohio Psychological Association’s Psychologically Healthy Workplace Awards (PHWA) recognize organizations that make a commitment to programs and policies that enhance the quality of the work environment for its employees in the areas of:

  • employee involvement
  • work-life balance
  • employee growth and development
  • health and safety, and
  • employee recognition.

A psychologically healthy workplace increases workers’ job satisfaction and loyalty to their employer. Awards are given annually in each of six categories, based on number of employees and whether the applicant is a for profit or not-for-profit organization.

Winners are recognized annually at a special luncheon during the Ohio Psychological Association Convention. In addition, winners may be featured in the media, promoted in company internal and/or external communications vehicles, recognized by community leaders and better positioned to distinguish themselves from competitors. The evaluation process consists of several steps, including an online application and an on-site visit.


PHW Award Criteria

Employee Involvement
Opportunities for workers to be engaged, such as:
  • Express their opinions and give feedback regarding the work environment and their work tasks in a receptive environment
  • Share, and be recognized for, any new work process ideas or innovations they have
  • Evaluate his/her own job performance
  • Make decisions, solve problems, manage conflict and influence organizational development


Work-Life Balance
A supportive approach to concerns of workers and their families, such as opportunities for:
  • Child care assistance, including but not limited to accessible information, onsite facilities, payment for childcare or dependent care assistance plans
  • Elder care assistance, including but not limited to resource and referral services and financial support for elder care
  • Flexible schedule arrangements, such as variable work hours or working from home
  • Availability of on-site or nearby conveniences to improve quality of work life (i.e. banking, dining, dry cleaning, gym, etc.)
  • Family problem resolution assistance
  • Family benefits/domestic partner benefits
  • Access to company resources/facilities for friends and families


Employee Growth and Development
Opportunities for employees to pursue career growth and training, such as:
  • Training pertaining to job enhancement (i.e. workshops, seminars and library resources)
  • Education leading to career advancement (i.e. tuition reimbursement)
  • Career and management counseling (i.e. executive coaching)
  • Efforts to develop effective supervisors (i.e. responsive to work/family needs, sensitive to diversity issues, appraise performances)


Health and Safety
  • Quality health and mental health benefits
  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)
  • Where appropriate, medical surveillance for employees exposed to hazardous substances or situations
  • Injury prevention programs and training for both managers and the general work force
  • Opportunities for employee input regarding the work environment (i.e. light, noise, air quality, temperature, ventilation, cleanliness)
  • Written policies and training to address problems that affect psychological well-being (i.e. sexual harassment, discrimination, violence)
  • Psychological safety response to ensure emotional and physical health (i.e. grief counseling, employee assistance programs)
  • Promotion of employees’ health and wellness (i.e. workout facilities, stress management, easy access to mental health and substance abuse programs)


Employee Recognition
  • Employee awards
  • Bonuses based on performance
  • Non-monetary bonuses for exceptional performance
  • Ceremonies
  • Merit raises
  • Print and electronic documents detailing employees’ success
  • Verbal acknowledgment



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